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Zawdie Sandvliet

Teacher Trainer & Educator,

University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam / University of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands 🇳🇱

Zawdie Sandvliet (he/him) is a teacher trainer at the University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam, the Netherlands where he educates the next generation of Social Studies teachers. He also teaches the course Afro-Dutch Studies at the University of Amsterdam. In need of knowledge on the history of the Dutch involvement in the system of slavery and trade in enslaved Africans Zawdie studied African American Studies on a Fulbright Scholarship at Boston University. After his return to the Netherlands he initiated, created and organized the course Afro-Dutch studies at the University of Amsterdam. Afro-Dutch Studies is a decolonial interdisciplinary course that focuses on the history and present day realities of Afro-Dutch people. Zawdie also holds a Bachelor degree in Sociology. Through his work he tries to create educational equity across class, race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality and gender.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Talk: African and Diaspora History, the Narratives the World Needs to Know