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Talk: African and Diaspora History, the Narratives the World Needs to Know

Thursday, May 26, 2022
3:00pm CEST
Despite being documented and preserved through artefacts, the history of Africa and its diaspora is still somewhat of an enigma in the eyes of the world. What are some of the stories that are not told and how to bring these narratives to the front? Our panelists discuss opportunities to improve the communication flow.
Moderator & Speakers
Eliza Anyangwe, Editor, As Equals, CNN (Moderator) Chinny Ukata, Co-host, It's a Continent PodcastAstrid Madimba, Co-host, It's a Continent PodcastAnna Adima, Doctoral Candidate, University of YorkZawdie Sandvliet, Teacher trainer/educator, UvA