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Film Screening: Amarachi Nwosu's Showcase

Sunday, May 29, 2022
5:00pm CEST
Rialto VU
Join us at a creative showcase of the work of the Nigerian-American photographer, visual artist, writer, and 'Africa 30 under 30' filmmaker Amarachi Nwosu. We will watch Amarachi's two most recent films, “Black in Tokyo” and “The Ones Who Keep on Walking” followed by a discussion with Nigerian-Dutch photographer, Coco Olakunle, and Q&A with the audience.
Black in Tokyo is a short documentary by Amarachi Nwosu that takes viewers on an expedition to Japan, where she introduces us to five individuals of African descent, including rapper Antarius Reynolds and black hair salon owner Lee Marshal.
The Ones Who Keep Walking is a documentary where Amarachi Nwosu follows creatives who shape the African future from within. The documentary tells a story that re-imagines how we should see Africa and the creative renaissance taking place on the continent. The Ones Who Keep Walking looks at what happens when people can creatively free themselves and the rich, vibrant world it creates when these freedoms are there. The documentary features never-before-heard stories and in-depth conversations that provide insight into how sheer determination and a pioneering spirit can bring authentic African expression to the world.
Amarachi Nwosu, Filmmaker, Founder & CEO, Melanin Unscripted