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Community Jams: Back to Our Roots

Sunday, May 29, 2022
1pm CEST
A'DAM Tower
As part of our week-long celebration of Africa Day — CJS and Omek are hosting a special Community Jam at A'dam Tower to bring you all together for an insight talk, music, and informal networking. As part of this event we will also host a panel to discuss solutions for reshaping the future of the African creative sector including a Q&A with the audience.
Back to Our Roots
From film to music and fashion, young Africans have turned what is often considered ‘informal work’ into a hub for exporting Africa’s culture across the continent and the world. With a globally renowned fashion industry and Grammy award-winning artists, Africa’s creative industry is proving itself time and time again on the global stage. Reimagining the future of the creative sector will require substantial investments in skills development, prioritizing regulation, improving working conditions for women while also supporting the sector with funding and enabling a business environment that supports innovation.
Moderators & Speakers
Omena Ukeleghe, Founder & CEO, Creative Jam Sessions (Moderator)Kemo Camara, Founder & CEO, Omek (Moderator)Charlene Austin, Co-founder, Okra AgencyAmarachi Nwosu, Filmmaker, Founder & CEO, Melanin Unscripted