Celebrating AFrica Day

Omek and Africadelic are coming together to bring you an Africa Day celebration unlike any other with stimulating conversations and entertainment. We are bringing back that sense of unity and pride again during this 5-day cultural festival.

Inspired From Our Past

Africa Day came to life on 25 May 1963 as ‘African Freedom Day’, held to mark the foundation of the Organisation of African Unity. It symbolizes the determination and resilience of Africa and its people.

Creating Space

Telling our own stories is so important, which is why we are creating space for biculturals of African descent to come together from across the world as we discuss topics that matter to us.

Building the Future

As we learn from the past and discuss pertinent issues among the diaspora and within the continent, it is important to turn an eye towards the future for the next generation, and what we can collectively do to create an equitable world for them.